Quality Product. Quality Service.



Our Business

We consider our customers as partners than mere suppliers, and we commit to providing our valued customers with the high standard, quality and competitive products and services.

Mineral Trading

We have established a network in mineral trading both in Australia and Overseas. We are a team of passionate people and experts in what we do. Our existing partnerships ensure our ability to deliver a wide range of high-quality mineral and metal products at a competitive price

Filtra Autoparts

We supply the automobile aftermarket with top-quality filters, wiper refills, parts and globes at competitive prices. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality in our products. We are an official supplier to the Parts 4 Group of Independent Parts Retailers. Check www.filtra.com.au for more details.

Exceptional Service

Our partners benefit from our network

Excellent Value For Money

Where quality exceed value


We are based in Australia with established a global network focus in a range of commodities across Great China, East Asia, South East Asia, India and Australia - Pacific Region.

Mineral Trading

Commodities we focus.


Iron Ore



e.g. Uranium, Coal, Zircon...etc.


Our relationships with a wide range of buyers, sellers, exploration, mining, freight and trading companies ensure our ability to deliver a wide range of high-quality product at a competitive price.

Our Core Values

What we offer and what made us.

Customer Centricity

Listen to our customers and champion their interests.


Aspire to establish a long-lasting partnership.


Take available opportunities and maintain a competitive edge.


Continuity between our thoughts and actions.


Remain focused on operational excellence.


Owing to our actions and doing our part to ensure our success.


We are proud of our customer responsiveness, standards of service, enthusiasm for and understanding of their business needs.



Exceed Expectations

We realised that excellent customer service is not only about meeting needs, but also consistently exceeding service expectations. Hence, we are willing to adopt our core values to guide the way that we interact with our partners.


We will always strive to perform our best, taking advantage of market opportunities and maintaining a competitive edge. Our organization will remain focused on operational excellence and creating the most cost-efficient and customer-centric structure.

Fully Compliance

In all circumstances, we make sure that our actions towards and relationship with our business partners are in full compliance with law and regulations, regardless of the complexity or difficulty.