Mineral and Metal

Global network

Our partnerships ensure our ability to deliver a wide range of high quality mineral and metal products at a competitive price.

Representative of buyers and sellers

With focus in the Australia - Asia Pacific Region

We have established global network with focus in the Australia - Pacific Region. We are specialist in sources and supplies a range of commodities for companies across the Great China, East Asia, South East Asia, India and Australia - Pacific Region.

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We have over 30 years combined experience in mineral and metal trading. Our relationships with a wide range of buyers, sellers, exploration, mining, freight and trading companies ensures our ability to deliver a wide range of high quality product at a competitive price. 

The experience of our team guarantees the stable quality of our service and we have the relationships and knowledge to source quality products for your organisation, and we will match you with a company from our list of quality buyers and suppliers

Join our network. We are continually looking for buyers and sellers who are looking to grow their businesses and add value to their existing clients. We believe that being a partner to us offers great opportunities for your company to benefit from the yearly increase in our business.

We are continually looking for business partners.

Join us and together we can achieve the ultimate mutual success.