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Founded in 2009, 100% Australian owned. We have over decades of experience. Our objective is always to ensure that our partners benefit from our growth. We have various business interests in Automotive Parts, Mineral Trading and Others.

We consider our customer as a partner than a mere supplier, and we commit to provide our valued customers with the high standard, quality and competitive products and services.

Our Team

What we offer

Our Core Values

Customer Centricity

Listen to our customers and champion their interests.


Aspire to establish a long-lasting partnership.


Take available opportunities and maintain a competitive edge.

What made us

Our Core Values


Continuity between our thoughts and actions.


Remain focused on operational excellence.


Owing to our actions and doing our part to ensure our success.

The evolution of our business

A brief history

Initial phase

Mineral Trading

Where we start
GTX Trading has two arms to its business. The origin of us can be traced back to the 1990s, where one of our directors was involved in various mineral trading projects. We were helping source sellers and buyers in China and has continued to work in this field in Australia. We work in niche environments and possess knowledge of the industry and personal contacts with people in key refineries and processing plants in China. This knowledge allows us to handle ores and minerals that other people in Australia struggle to find a market.
The 1990s

New opportunity

Automotive Parts

Early days
We discovered an opportunity in Australia's automotive aftermarket parts in early 2000. We note there was an increase in automotive ownership rate with high service costs. The high costs were due to the market was controlled by very few significant entities that charge a premium price for good quality products. As a result, we started our initial studies to make premium quality products more affordable for Australians.   

The 2000s


GTX Trading Pty Ltd

Our company was incorporated in 2009, using the brand names X-Filtra for our filters, globes and wipers, and Tuff Parts for our suspension parts. We aim to help Australians by offering the best-valued product with premium quality.

Business Name

Filtra Auto Parts

About the same time, we registered the business name 'Filtra Auto Parts' and introduced our brand X-Filtra, Tuff Parts into the market.

Parts 4 Group

Official Supplier

Recognised for reliabilities

We are now an official supplier to the independent automobile retail group Parts 4. We see this as a testimony to our quality and durability of goods and promptly and reliability of services.

We cover all of our products with our Australian-wide $10 million product warranty.


Diversity of Businesses


Our progression

We are continually growing in all dimension of our businesses. We continually source top quality automotive parts and minerals from around the globe, and we attend the major trade shows to stay abreast of the new developments in the market. 

We are continually looking for business partners.

Join us, and together we can achieve the ultimate success.